Tirrikee Alpacas: Striving For Excellence

Tirrikee Alpacas: Striving For Excellence

Jennie and Roy run Tirrikee Alpacas on the northern side of Bathurst in the hilly country towards Sofala.

We have been breeding alpacas since 2008, but long before that Jennie fell in love with them in 1990. As a result she read every book available on alpacas, but it was just a dream that they would ever own any.

The dream has now become a reality.

We began our venture with six alpacas and at that time, there were only a few scattered trees and shrubs for the alpacas’ protection. We built a small shelter shed and have since added others as well as increased the tree plantings. Gradually our infrastructure on the farm grew, however you do not need a lot of infrastructure when starting off in alpacas.

Sheds are great, but some animals refuse to use them unless the weather is really bad. We have a “nanny” alpaca who looks after our weanlings when they leave their mums, and she loves sheds, so our cria these days all know what a shed is for...even if they chose not to use them later in life!

The native pastures suit the alpacas as does the cool climate, though we do get the occasional hot day in summer.

We began our venture into alpacas after having cattle (and for a short time sheep as well) and have found alpacas a delight to handle. They do not intrude into people’s space unless confined in a yard and will certainly not “walk through you” as cattle and sheep can do!

We have a MN3 rating for our property and this is great for your security as well as for our own. We also have areas for non assessed animals when visiting for matings.

Our alpacas are all huacaya, and although mostly white and light fawn, we do have coloured animals as well.

Female alpacas are called hembra
Male alpacas are macho
Baby alpacas are cria
Teenage alpacas are tui

Our original lines have some amazing genetics in the background and to that genetic mix, each year we had added to the genetics in our herd by buying ouside matings and/or new females.

We are aided in all our decisions for improving fleece quality by the scientific principles of SRS Alpacas.

The Aims of Tirrikee Alpacas:

To breed healthy sound animals that (irrespective of the colour of the animal) produce fine micron, lustrous fleece with heavy fleece weights and a wonderful soft handle. We also breed for sound temperament.

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